verb yer nouns


Resolutions, intentions ,and SMART goals are super pops this time of year. In the past. I have lurved to take on goals, intentions, and words. I don’t think I stick with them, but last season’s potpourri of counseling, depresh, Full Focus planning, New Testament reading, and other miscellaneous -ings has led me to this kind of, erm…light bulb:

Verb your nouns.

What this means is that thinking about stuff, planning stuff, and intending to do stuff, is not the same as actually doing stuff. It’s great to mind map out my values and cogitate on who I want to be. But thinking about it and being it aren’t the same. And that has become obvious to me.

My hypothesis is that a lot of my frustrations with myself and my mediocre existence comes from being stalled out in the thinking/planning instead of the doing. The verb part.

And yes, “think” and “plan” are verbs. But you know what I mean.

This is it. I’m alive right now, in the year 2024. I’m middle-aged. My life is playing out right now. My family’s lives are playing out right now.

This is no rehearsal; this is the take.

“Waving at the Window” by Travis.


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