• greedy little hobbitses


    While I love writing, the business of writing feels gross to me. But I get seduced by it, I do.

    It starts purely. “I want people to enjoy this thing I made, but how do I get it to them?”

    But, it’s a short trip from that genuine excitement to a…lust for attention.

    The “C” word – Content; mercenary, soulless Content. Blech.

    I just want to write good things. The rest – utter piffle!

  • words words words


    I have started and stopped putting words on the world wide web since the 1990s. At first, I created my own websites through HTML 1 coding (and tested them in glorious Netscape Navigator), then I used templates on places like Geocities, Angelfire, CJB, etc. As “blogging” became a thing, I moved on to Xanga, Blogger, Blogspot, yada yada.

    My nature is to think, write, and then, *POOF* put up the words like a magician nailing a trick and disappearing in smoke. The words are there, and me, but not me. Hence all the stopping and starting. Many sites, many deletions and starts. Sometimes that is a good thing but sometimes I wish I just had a plot of real estate that had been the same for 25 years and counting.

    I don’t have though, because (1) it’s not my nature and (2) my profession requires anonymity. It’s at odds with my temperament in some ways, but parallel in others.

    Running and changing is…behind me, I think. It’s been…draining and unfruitful. All I have is a pile of files and words, that, due to their own ontological value, should be allowed to exist.

    My plan here is to give my words (or, the words that have manifested through me) their due ontological honor by allowing them to exist.

    My name won’t be here, anywhere. Not because I’m embarassed by these words, or that I don’t think they’re True, but because it’s about the words words words.