2023 reading plans


2023, in book shelf form.

Un/fortunately, it’s common for me to read 60 – 85 books a year. In some ways this is great because of the breadth of experiences and learning I can get. In other ways, my reading life can become something of a chore. While I enjoy what I read, I sometimes feel the need to move on to one of the 1,000 other books waiting in line.

In 2023, I’m trying purposefully to read fewer books. I don’t think I’ll read less, but I’ll read fewer books, more newspapers and magazines and web articles. Additionally, I’m also hoping to spend more time reading books I’ve previously purchased. Pictured above you’ll see most of the physical copies of books I already own that I haven’t yet read. I bought 2-3 of those with the plan to read them this year, but the rest are older.

If you look closely, you’ll also see my new Kobo eReader lying on top of some of the books on the right side. Many of the books that I read “just for fun” (aren’t they all fun!?) might be more likely to be digital this year.

I’m excited to read all of these, and I’m equally excited to take it easy in ’23!

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