In 2020, i have…

 In 2020, I…:

  • read 54 books
  • started a PhD program
  • received two promotions
  • received two seasons of depression
  • switched from PC to Mac
  • went on camping adventures with the family
  • won a pro bono legal case
  • tried out pretty much every streaming service imaginable
  • got on and off several social media platforms
  • started playing electric guitar again
  • got into fountain pens
  • got back into sports cards
  • played a lot of chess (prior to Queen’s Gambit thankyouverymuch)
  • co-decorated my home office with my wife (it’s pretty dope)
  • collected a lot of records
  • played video games with my kids
  • got a VR headset 
  • gained and lost a lot of weight (ugh…)
  • received a handwritten letter from a favorite musician
  • taught at a youth retreat
  • taught adult learners
  • mentored a law student
  • took many many naps

This annual review idea is from my college bud Katie Noah.

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